You're a Pro: Topics for Advanced eyeContacts

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12. Mentoring and Recruitment

Hear it From a Friend. Your opinion counts—probably more than you realize—to your friends and colleagues. When you have positive experiences as an eyeContact, make sure you share them. Some people are reluctant to take on such a role because they do not feel equipped or know where to start. A friendly word of encouragement from you could make a big difference to someone who is considering taking action. If you find this guide or any part of it helpful, send it on to a friend.

Amplify Your Voice. Throughout this guide, we have emphasized that you must be strategic in the way you communicate with legislators. And while it is true that one well-crafted message can be just as powerful as many generic messages, big change only comes when many people engage. So go out there and recruit your friends! If you schedule a meeting with your legislator, invite the other doctors in your practice. Buy a table at a fundraiser and invite residents or medical students who might not be able to afford a ticket. Your actions will speak volumes!

If you know someone who might be interested in becoming an eyeContact, let us at ASCRS know, and we can provide him or her with additional information.


13. Develop Your Own Advocacy Plan

You Take it From Here. This guide strives to be as comprehensive as possible to cover all the ways you could engage as an eyeContact. As you become more experienced and familiar with grassroots advocacy, you will start to find out what works best for you in your particular area. Time, work, family, and geography can all play a role in how you participate. Take some time to reflect and evaluate your experiences and then chart out some goals for yourself.

  • What have you done well in the past?
  • How can you expand on that?
  • Have you earned a place as your Congressman’s trusted advisor on healthcare issues? Challenge yourself to urge him to take the lead on one of ASCRS’ key issues.
  • Do you enjoy entertaining and hosting fundraisers? Volunteer to be on your senator’s campaign finance committee when she runs for re-election.
  • Take what you know about your state or district and the people that represent it to develop a longer range plan.
  • Consider running for office yourself. Politicians come from all backgrounds and professions. We need more physicians in office who know what the profession needs!

If you are considering running for any office now or in the future, contact ASCRS for information to get you started. If you currently are an office holder, let ASCRS know! You are a great example for other eyeContacts.