eyeContact Grassroots Handbook

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Table of Contents

Welcome and Introduction

1. Welcome

2. Introduction to the eyeContact Program: How to Use this Guide

Getting Started: Grassroots for Beginners

3. eyeContact Job Description

4. The Five-Minute Advocate: How to Be an Effective Advocate in Five Minutes a Week

5. Getting to Know Your Legislators and the District

6. Communicating with Your Legislators

Going Further: Topics for the Intermediate eyeContact

7. Face-to-Face Meetings

8. Developing Relationships With Your Legislators

9. Developing Your Message: How to Craft the Most Effective Communications

10. Hosting an Event

11. Getting Involved in Political Campaigns

You’re a Pro: How to Be a Champion eyeContact

12. Mentoring and Recruitment: Share Your Experiences

13. Develop Your Own Advocacy Plan

Other Topics

14. eyePAC: How It Relates to Grassroots Advocacy

15. Troubleshooting: Common Questions and Stumbling Blocks

16. Other Resources, Bibliography

17. Conclusion